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Kociak, M. & de Abajo, F.J.G. Nanoscale mapping of plasmons, photons, and excitons. MRS Bulletin 37, 39 - 46 (2012). Download: MRS Bull. 2012 Kociak-1.pdf (1.01 MB)
Eswara Moorthy, S.K., Rousseau, O., Viret, M. & Kociak, M. Nanoscale Chemical and Structural Characterization of Transient Metallic Nanowires using Aberration-Corrected STEM-EELS. Nano Letters 12, 2732 - 2739 (2012). Download: nl204374v.pdf (1.74 MB)
Umek, P., et al. Local Coordination and Valence States of Cobalt in Sodium Titanate Nanoribbons. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 11357 - 11363 (2012).
Chen, S.-Y., et al. Concentration Dependence of Oxygen Vacancy on the Magnetism of CeO 2 Nanoparticles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 8707 - 8713 (2012).
Tourbot, G., et al. Growth mechanism and properties of InGaN insertions in GaN nanowires. Nanotechnology 23, 135703 (2012). Download: Nanotechnology 2012 Tourbot.pdf (802.75 KB)
Rodríguez-González, B., et al. Surface Plasmon Mapping of Dumbbell-Shaped Gold Nanorods: The Effect of Silver Coating. Langmuir 120410144721001 (2012).doi:10.1021/la300269n Download: la300269n.pdf (4.19 MB)
Zobelli, A., et al. A comparative study of density functional and density functional tight binding calculations of defects in graphene. physica status solidi (b) 249, 276 - 282 (2012). Download: zobelli_pssb_2012.pdf (2.01 MB)
Mazzucco, S., et al. Ultralocal Modification of Surface Plasmons Properties in Silver Nanocubes. Nano Letters 120202105244000 (2012).doi:10.1021/nl2037672 Download: Nano Lett. 2012 Mazzucco.pdf (3.49 MB)
Bocher, L., et al. Atomic and Electronic Structure of the BaTiO 3 /Fe Interface in Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions. Nano Letters 12, 376 - 382 (2012). Download: Bocher-Nanoletters12.pdf (2.76 MB)
Amato, M., Palummo, M. & Ossicini, S. Band structure analysis in SiGe nanowires. Materials Science and Engineering B-Advanced Functional Solid-State Materials 177, 705-711 (2012).
Amato, M., Rurali, R. & Ossicini, S. Doping of SiGe core-shell nanowires. Journal of Computational Electronics 11, 272-279 (2012).
Amato, M., Ossicini, S. & Rurali, R. Electron Transport in SiGe Alloy Nanowires in the Ballistic Regime from First-Principles. Nano Letters 12, 2717-2721 (2012).
Ivanovskaya, V.V., et al. Graphene Edge Structures: Folding, Scrolling, Tubing, Rippling and Twisting. Graphita2011 75 - 85 (2012).doi:10.1007/978-3-642-20644-3_10 Download: graphita-2011.pdf (498.31 KB)
Amato, M., Palummo, M., Rurali, R. & Ossicini, S. Optical absorption modulation by selective codoping of SiGe core-shell nanowires. Journal of Applied Physics 112, (2012).
Valencia, S., et al. Interface-induced room-temperature multiferroicity in BaTiO3. Nature Materials 10, 753 - 758 (2011). Download: Valencia_NatMat11_XMCD-BTOFe.pdf (761.54 KB)
Ivanovskaya, V.V., et al. Low-Energy Termination of Graphene Edges via the Formation of Narrow Nanotubes. Physical Review Letters 107, 065502 (2011). Download: PhysRevLett.107.065502.pdf (506.32 KB)
Raza, Y., et al. Matrix-dependent cooperativity in spin crossover Fe(pyrazine)Pt(CN)4 nanoparticles. Chemical Communications 47, 11501 (2011).
Córdoba, R., et al. Nanoscale chemical and structural study of Co-based FEBID structures by STEM-EELS and HRTEM. Nanoscale Research Letters 6, 592 (2011).
Toma, A.C., de Frutos, M., LIVOLANT, F. & Raspaud, E. Phase diagrams of DNA and poly(styrene-sulfonate) condensed by a poly-cationic protein, the salmon protamine. Soft Matter 7, 8847 (2011).
Prado, Y., et al. Tailored coordination nanoparticles: assessing the magnetic single-domain critical size. Chemical Communications 47, 1051 (2011).
Umek, P., Korošec, R.C., Gloter, A. & Pirnat, U. The control of the diameter and length of ?-MnO2 nanorods by regulation of reaction parameters and their thermogravimetric properties. Materials Research Bulletin 46, 278 - 284 (2011).
Bertin, A., de Frutos, M. & Letellier, L. Bacteriophage–host interactions leading to genome internalization. Current Opinion in Microbiology 14, 492 - 496 (2011).
Mazzucco, S., et al. Spatially resolved measurements of plasmonic eigenstates in complex-shaped, asymmetric nanoparticles: gold nanostars. The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 54, 33512 (2011). Download: Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. 2011 Mazzucco.pdf (3 MB)
Chiaramonte, T., Tizei, L.H.G., Ugarte, D. & Cotta, M.A. Kinetic Effects in InP Nanowire Growth and Stacking Fault Formation: The Role of Interface Roughening. Nano Letters 11, 1934 - 1940 (2011).
Boulard, E., et al. New host for carbon in the deep Earth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108, 5184 - 5187 (2011).
Amato, M., Ossicini, S. & Rurali, R. Band-Offset Driven Efficiency of the Doping of SiGe Core-Shell Nanowires. Nano Letters 11, 594-598 (2011).
Trasobares, S., et al. Chemical Imaging at Atomic Resolution as a Technique To Refine the Local Structure of Nanocrystals. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50, 868–872 (2011). Download: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011 Trasobares.pdf (649.98 KB)
Cavalier, M., Walls, M., Lisiecki, I. & Pileni, M.P. How Can the Nanocrystallinity of 7 nm Spherical Co Nanoparticles Dispersed in Solution Be Improved?. Langmuir 27, 5014–5020 (2011).
Susi, T., et al. Nitrogen-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin Films Exhibiting Anomalous Sheet Resistances. Chemistry Of Materials 23, 2201–2208 (2011).
Yang, M., Baik, H., Ivanovskaya, V.V., Colliex, C. & Benayad, A. O K-energy loss near-edge structure change induced by tantalum impurity in monoclinic hafnium oxide. Journal Of Applied Physics 109, 053723 (2011).
Volatron, F., et al. Photo-induced magnetic bistability in a controlled assembly of anisotropic coordination nanoparticles. Chemical Communications 47, 1985–1987 (2011).
Prado, Y., et al. Tailored coordination nanoparticles: assessing the magnetic single-domain critical size. Chemical Communications 47, 1051–1053 (2011).
Ivanovskaya, V.V., et al. Hydrogen adsorption on graphene: a first principles study. The European Physical Journal B 76, 481 - 486 (2010). Download: H-at-Graphene.pdf (254.61 KB)