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de la Peña, F. Advanced methods for Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy core-loss analysis. Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Ph.D., 181 (2010). Abstract  Download: F de la Pena Thesis.pdf (31.47 MB)
Conchon, F., et al. X-ray diffraction study of thermal stress relaxation in ZnO films deposited by magnetron sputtering. Thin Solid Films 519, 1563 - 1567 (2010). Download: Conchon519.pdf (465.63 KB)
Chiaruttini, N., et al. Is the In Vitro Ejection of Bacteriophage DNA Quasistatic? A Bulk to Single Virus Study. Biophysical Journal 99, 447 - 455 (2010).
Palummo, M., Amato, M. & Ossicini, S. Ab initio optoelectronic properties of SiGe nanowires: Role of many-body effects. Physical Review B 82, (2010).
Sefrioui, Z., et al. All-Manganite Tunnel Junctions with Interface-Induced Barrier Magnetism. Advanced Materials 22, 5029–+ (2010).
Colliex, C., et al. Atomic-scale STEM-EELS Mapping across Functional Interfaces. Jom 62, 53–57 (2010). Download: Colliex_JOM10_STEMEELS_Interfaces.pdf (402.82 KB)
Garcia, V., et al. Ferroelectric Control of Spin Polarization. Science 327, 1106–1110 (2010). Download: Garcia_Science10_ferroelectric_LSMO-BTO-Fe.pdf (400.27 KB)
van Schooneveld, M.M., et al. Imaging and quantifying the morphology of an organic-inorganic nanoparticle at the sub-nanometre level. Nature Nanotechnology 5, 538–544 (2010).
de Abajo, F.J.G., Asenjo-Garcia, A. & Kociak, M. Multiphoton Absorption and Emission by Interaction of Swift Electrons with Evanescent Light Fields. Nano Letters 10, 1859–1863 (2010).
Amato, M., Palummo, M. & Ossicini, S. Segregation, quantum confinement effect and band offset for 110 SiGe NWs. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 247, 2096-2101 (2010).
Ossicini, S., Amato, M., Guerra, R., Palummo, M. & Pulci, O. Silicon and Germanium Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Applications: Ab-Initio Results. Nanoscale Research Letters 5, 1637-1649 (2010).
Boudarham, G., et al. Spectral Imaging of Individual Split-Ring Resonators. Physical Review Letters 105, 255501 (2010). Download: Phys. Rev. Lett. 2010 Boudarham.pdf (567.25 KB)
Nelayah, J., et al. Two-Dimensional Quasistatic Stationary Short Range Surface Plasmons in Flat Nanoprisms. Nano Letters 10, 902–907 (2010). Download: Nano Lett. 2010 Nelayah.pdf (2.58 MB)
Rigutti, L., et al. Ultraviolet Photodetector Based on GaN/AlN Quantum Disks in a Single Nanowire. Nano Letters 10, 2939–2943 (2010).
Charron, G., et al. Assembly of a magnetic polyoxometalate on SWNTs. Nanoscale 2, 139–144 (2010).
Sanchez, A.M., et al. Blocking of indium incorporation by antimony in III-V-Sb nanostructures. Nanotechnology 21, 145606 (2010).
de La Pena, F., Barrett, N., Zagonel, L.F., Walls, M. & Renault, O. Full field chemical imaging of buried native sub-oxide layers on doped silicon patterns. Surface Science 604, 1628–1636 (2010).
Rigutti, L., et al. GaN/AlN quantum disc single-nanowire photodetectors. Physica Status Solidi A-Applications And Materials Science 207, 1323–1327 (2010).
Pichot, V., et al. High Nitrogen Doping of Detonation Nanodiamonds. Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 114, 10082–10087 (2010).
Boudarham, G., et al. Nano-optic of metamaterials by spatially resolved Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy. 2010 Conference On Lasers And Electro-Optics Cleo And Quantum Electronics And Laser Science Conference (Qels) (2010).
Susi, T., et al. Nitrogen-doped SWCNT synthesis using ammonia and carbon monoxide. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 247, 2726–2729 (2010).
Diaz-Guerra, C., Umek, P., Gloter, A. & Piqueras, J. Synthesis and Cathodoluminescence of Undoped and Cr3+-Doped Sodium Titanate Nanotubes and Nanoribbons. Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 114, 8192–8198 (2010).
Bocher, L., et al. High-temperature stability, structure and thermoelectric properties of CaMn1-xNbxO3 phases. Acta Materialia 57, 5667 - 5680 (2009). Download: Bocher_ActMat09.pdf (1.29 MB)
Ivanovskaya, V.V., Zobelli, A., Stéphan, O., Briddon, P.R. & Colliex, C. BN Domains Included into Carbon Nanotubes: Role of Interface. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113, 16603 - 16609 (2009). Download: BNdomains.pdf (4.11 MB)
Toma, A.C., de Frutos, M., LIVOLANT, F. & Raspaud, E. DNA Condensed by Protamine: A “Short” or “Long” Polycation Behavior. Biomacromolecules 10, 2129 - 2134 (2009).
Tizei, L.H.G., Chiaramonte, T., Ugarte, D. & Cotta, M.A. III–V semiconductor nanowire growth: does arsenic diffuse through the metal nanoparticle catalyst?. Nanotechnology 20, 275604 (2009).
Gloter, A., Chu, M.W., Kociak, M., Chen, C.H. & Colliex, C. Probing non-dipole allowed excitations in highly correlated materials with nanoscale resolution. Ultramicroscopy 109, 1333–1337 (2009). Download: gloter_um_2009.pdf (327.83 KB)
Amato, M., Palummo, M. & Ossicini, S. Reduced quantum confinement effect and electron-hole separation in SiGe nanowires. Physical Review B 79, (2009).
Amato, M., Palummo, M. & Ossicini, S. SiGe nanowires: Structural stability, quantum confinement, and electronic properties. Physical Review B 80, (2009).
Frechard, S., et al. Study by EELS of helium bubbles in a martensitic steel. Journal Of Nuclear Materials 393, 102–107 (2009). Download: Journal of Nuclear Materials 2009 Fréchard.pdf (463.47 KB)
Rodriguez-Lorenzo, L., et al. Zeptomol Detection Through Controlled Ultrasensitive Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering. Journal Of The American Chemical Society 131, 4616–+ (2009). Download: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009 Rodríguez-Lorenzo.pdf (927.32 KB)
Catala, L., et al. Core-Multishell Magnetic Coordination Nanoparticles: Toward Multifunctionality on the Nanoscale. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 48, 183–187 (2009).
Gloter, A., Ewels, C.P., Umek, P., Arcon, D. & Colliex, C. Electronic structure of titania-based nanotubes investigated by EELS spectroscopy. Physical Review B 80, 035413 (2009).
Klecha, E., Ingert, D., Walls, M. & Pileni, M.P. Immunity of Coated Self-Ordered Silver Nanocrystals: A New Intrinsic Property Due to the Nanocrystal Ordering. Langmuir 25, 2824–2830 (2009).
Kociak, M. Mapping electron excitations in the visible-UV range using sub-nm resolved STEM-EELS spectrum imaging. 2009 Conference On Lasers And Electro-Optics And Quantum Electronics And Laser Science Conference (Cleo/Qels 2009), Vols 1-5 2108–2108 (2009).
Colliex, C., et al. Multi-dimensional and multi-signal approaches in scanning transmission electron microscopes. Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society A-Mathematical Physical And Engineering Sciences 367, 3845–3858 (2009).
Lin, H., Arenal, R., Enouz-Vedrenne, S., Stéphan, O. & Loiseau, A. Nitrogen Configuration in Individual CNx-SWNTs Synthesized by Laser Vaporization Technique. Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 113, 9509–9511 (2009).
Swami, A.S., Brun, N. & Langevin, D. Phase Transfer of Gold Metallized DNA. Journal Of Cluster Science 20, 281–290 (2009).
Croguennec, L., et al. Segregation Tendency in Layered Aluminum-Substituted Lithium Nickel Oxides. Chemistry Of Materials 21, 1051–1059 (2009).
Le Roy, S., Barthel, E., Brun, N., Lelarge, A. & Sondergard, E. Self-sustained etch masking: A general concept to initiate the formation of nanopatterns during ion erosion. Journal Of Applied Physics 106, 094308 (2009).
Arenal, R., Stéphan, O., Bruno, P. & Gruen, D.M. Spatially resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy on n-type ultrananocrystalline diamond films. Applied Physics Letters 94, 111905 (2009).