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Tizei, L.H.G., Bettini, J., Carvalho, M.M.G. & Ugarte, D. Heterostructure interface roughness characterization by chemical mapping: Application to InGaP/GaAs quantum wells. Journal of Applied Physics 104, 074311 (2008).
LEFORESTIER, A., et al. Bacteriophage T5 DNA Ejection under Pressure. Journal of Molecular Biology 384, 730 - 739 (2008).
Ivanovskaya, V.V., et al. Ab initio study of bilateral doping within the MoS2-NbS2 system. Physical Review B 78, 134104 (2008). Download: PhysRevB.78.134104.pdf (609.69 KB)
Zobelli, A., Gloter, A., Ewels, C.P. & Colliex, C. Shaping single walled nanotubes with an electron beam. Physical Review B 77, 045410 (2008). Download: PhysRevB.77.045410.pdf (1.13 MB)
de Abajo, F.J.G. & Kociak, M. Electron energy-gain spectroscopy. New Journal Of Physics 10, 073035 (2008). Download: New J. Phys. 2008 García de Abajo.pdf (913.65 KB)
Arenal, R., et al. Optical gap measurements on individual boron nitride nanotubes by electron energy loss spectroscopy. Microscopy And Microanalysis 14, 274–282 (2008).
Taverna, D., et al. Probing physical properties of confined fluids within individual nanobubbles. Physical Review Letters 1, 035301 (2008). Download: Phys. Rev. Lett. 2008 Taverna.pdf (510.9 KB)
de Abajo, F.J.G. & Kociak, M. Probing the Photonic Local Density of States with Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters 100, 106804 (2008). Download: Phys. Rev. Lett. 2008 García de Abajo.pdf (540.82 KB)
Lisiecki, I., Walls, M., Parker, D. & Pileni, M.P. 2D self-organization of core/shell COhcp/Co nanocrystals. Langmuir 24, 4295–4299 (2008).
Cormier, M., March, K., Ferre, J., Mougin, A. & Raberg, W. Asymmetry of the magnetization reversal process in a magnetic tunnel junction. Physical Review B 77, 054419 (2008).
Estrade, S., et al. Cationic and charge segregation in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films grown on (001) and (110) SrTiO3. Applied Physics Letters 93, 112505 (2008).
Lin, H., et al. Combined STM/STS, TEM/EELS investigation of CNx-SWNTs. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 245, 1986–1989 (2008).
Galvez, N., et al. Comparative structural and chemical studies of ferritin cores with gradual removal of their iron contents. Journal Of The American Chemical Society 130, 8062–8068 (2008).
Umek, P., et al. Coordination of intercalated Cu2+ sites in copper doped sodium titanate nanotubes and nanoribbons. Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 112, 15311–15319 (2008).
Radu, D., et al. Geometric and electronic structure of alpha-oxygen sites in Mn-ZSM-5 zeolites. Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 112, 12409–12416 (2008).
Schamm, S., et al. Imaging Si nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 layers by (S)TEM-EELS. Ultramicroscopy 108, 346–357 (2008).
Ewels, C.P., et al. Influence of Fe/Cr on nitrogen doped carbon nanotube growth. European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 42, 247–250 (2008).
Kerbellec, N., et al. Luminescent coordination nanoparticles. New Journal Of Chemistry 32, 584–587 (2008).
Brinzei, D., Catala, L., Rogez, G., Gloter, A. & Mallah, T. Magnetic behaviour of negatively charged nickel(II) hexacyanoferrate(III) coordination nanoparticles. Inorganica Chimica Acta 361, 3931–3936 (2008).
Volatron, F., et al. Spin-crossover coordination nanoparticles. Inorganic Chemistry 47, 6584–6586 (2008).
Kociak, M., et al. TEM nanolaboratory. Imaging and Microscopy 3, 26-27 (2008).
Ivanovskaya, V.V., Zobelli, A., Seifert, G. & Ivanovskĭ, A.L. Dimensionally, morphologically, and thermally induced phase transformations in boron-nitrogen nanowires. JETP Letters 85, 626 - 631 (2007).
Bocher, L., et al. Chimie douce synthesis and thermochemical characterization of mesoporous perovskite-type titanate phases. Thermochimica Acta 457, 11 - 19 (2007). Download: Bocher_TCA_2007.pdf (1.71 MB)
Zobelli, A., Gloter, A., Ewels, C.P., Seifert, G. & Colliex, C. Electron knock-on cross section of carbon and boron nitride nanotubes. Physical Review B 75, (2007). Download: crosssec.pdf (399.11 KB)
Zobelli, A., Ewels, C.P., Gloter, A. & Seifert, G. Vacancy migration in hexagonal boron nitride. Physical Review B 75, 094104 (2007). Download: PhysRevB.75.094104.pdf (501.25 KB)
Raspaud, E., Forth, T., São-José, C., Tavares, P. & de Frutos, M. A Kinetic Analysis of DNA Ejection from Tailed Phages Revealing the Prerequisite Activation Energy. Biophysical Journal 93, 3999 - 4005 (2007).
São-José, C., de Frutos, M., Raspaud, E., Santos, M.A. & Tavares, P. Pressure Built by DNA Packing Inside Virions: Enough to Drive DNA Ejection in Vitro, Largely Insufficient for Delivery into the Bacterial Cytoplasm. Journal of Molecular Biology 374, 346 - 355 (2007).
Suarez-Martinez, I., Savini, G., Zobelli, A. & Heggie, M. Dislocations in Carbon Nanotube Walls. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 7, 3417 - 3420 (2007).
Nelayah, J., et al. Mapping surface plasmons on a single metallic nanoparticle. Nature Physics 3, 348–353 (2007). Download: Nat Phys 2007 Nelayah.pdf (676.34 KB)
Couillard, M., Kociak, M., Stéphan, O., Botton, G.A. & Colliex, C. Multiple-interface coupling effects in local electron-energy-loss measurements of band gap energies. Physical Review B 76, 165131 (2007). Download: Phys. Rev. B 2007 Couillard.pdf (512.3 KB)
Enouz, S., Stéphan, O., Cochon, J.L., Colliex, C. & Loiseau, A. C-BN patterned single-walled nanotubes synthesized by laser vaporization. Nano Letters 7, 1856–1862 (2007).
Maurice, J.L., et al. Charge imbalance at oxide interfaces: How nature deals with it. Materials Science And Engineering B-Solid State Materials For Advanced Technology 144, 1–6 (2007).
Lando, A., et al. Chemically induced morphology change in cluster-based nanostructures. European Physical Journal D 43, 151–154 (2007).
Kasumov, A.Y., et al. CVD growth of carbon nanotubes at very low pressure of acetylene. Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing 88, 687–691 (2007).
Arenal, R., Kociak, M. & Zaluzec, N.J. High-angular-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy of hexagonal boron nitride. Applied Physics Letters 90, 204105 (2007).