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Interfaces and functional oxydes

Scientific highlights

Chemical Imaging at Atomic Resolution To Refine the Local Structure of Nanocrystals


Ce2Zr2O8 nanocrystals are characterized by aberration-corrected electron microscopy, core-loss electron energy-loss spectroscopy, and simulations. Read more »

Ferroelectric Control of Spin Polarization - Structural investigations at the atomic scale


Garcia et al.have recently reported on the ferroelectric control of spin polarization in an artificial multiferroic heterostructure1, i.e. Fe/BaTiO3/La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 (Fe/BTO/LSMO). This contribution is considered as a breakthrough in the field of spintronics since it opens new perspectives to create a magnetoelectric coupling which can be obtained in heterostructures combining an ultrathin ferroelectric layer between of two ferromagnetic electrodes. It has been for the first time demonstrated experimentally the opportunity to tune the spin polarization by an electric field in these artificial multiferroic tunnel junctions. Read more »


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