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Scientific highlights

Subwavelength optical characterization of colour centres in diamond using cathodoluminescence in a STEM


In this work we report the spectrally and spatially resolved cathodoluminescence of diamond nanoparticles using in a scanning transmission electron microscope. Nanoparticles containing one or more neutral nitrogen-vacancy (NV0) intensity maxima have been characterized in detail. Based on the ensemble of data we attribute these maxima to individual emitters (L. H. G. Tizei and M. Kociak, Nanotechnology (2012)) Read more »

Correlating structure and optical emission of nanometric Quantum Emitters


We have measured the cathodoluminescence of individual GaN quantum discs embedded in GaN/AlGaN nanowires. The measured sizes of the individual QDiscs, which could be as small as 1 nm (4 monolayers) were correlated one to one to their emission wavelengths, showing a marked Quantum confined Starck effect and a clear effect of the local strain on the optical properties of QDiscs. The results just appeared in (L. F. Zagonel et al., Nano Letters (2011)). A video of a recent seminar by L. F. Zagonel has been recently released. Read more »


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