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Spectral Imaging of Individual Split Rings Resonnators

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We have measured the plasmonic eigenfunctions and eigenmodes of individual Split Ring Resonnators, which form a paradigmatic class of photonic atoms. (G. Boudarham et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. (2010))

We report on spectral imaging within individual silver split-ring resonators (SRRs) operating in the near infrared-visible range. We classified the optical eigenmodes from the measurement of their energies and nanometer scale spatial distributions. They are plasmonic standing waves that show great similarities with that of nanoantennas. We, however, evidenced marked differences in the near-field electric field lines’ spatial distribution and the energies’ dispersion.We also showed that the subwavelength defect’s influence on the SRRs’ eigenmodes spatial distribution is small. c

Quasi Static Short Range Surface Plasmons in Silver Nanoparticles

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We have shown that flat metallic nano-platelet behaves essentially has two-dimensional nano-antennas. (J. Nelayah et al., Nano Letters (2010))

We report on the nanometer scale spectral imaging of surface plasmons within individual silver triangular nanoprisms by electron energy loss spectroscopy and on related discrete dipole approximation simulations. A dependence of the energy and intensity of the three detected modes as function of the edge length is clearly identified both experimentally and with simulations. Read more »


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