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Photon Bunching in Cathodoluminescence


We have measured the second order correlation function g(2)(t) of the cathodoluminescence intensity resulting from the excitation by fast electrons of defect centers in wide band-gap semiconductor nanocrystals of diamond and hexagonal boron nitride. We show that the cathodoluminescence second order correlation function g(2)(t) of multiple defect centers is dominated by a large, nanosecond zero-delay bunching (g(2)(0)>30), in stark contrast to their flat photoluminescence g(2)(t) function. We have developed a model showing that this bunching can be attributed to the synchronized emission from several defect centers excited by the same electron through the deexcitation of a bulk plasmon into few electron-hole pairs.

Recently published in S. Meuret et al Phys. Rev. Lett. 114 197401 (2015)

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